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Saturday, September 09, 2006

الأيام الحلوة

ما أشعره حالياً هو كما في الأغنية
الايام الحلوة

The song (above) is how I feel right now

Translation of the song:
The good days go in seconds, the good days never comes back ..
The taste of love has changed, the time of happiness is short
The longest moment of love & honesty is short
The sweet becomes bitter, and the wound gets repeated
We hurt, and become cruel and our mistake is justified
We say farewell to the one we love, and we lose what's in our hands
We remember who forgets us and we cheat who wants us.
We are not friends in hardship, and we are not close during tears.
Everyone is absent from your sadness, hurt and wounds
The love thread is loosened, the taste of injustice makes you old
Its shameful to be kind and honest in these days
we distort the meaning of love, and we shut the voice of right
the one who kill is in our heart, and we are just with the one who hurt us
The days go by, it has boats sailing. Some in lost boats and some in confused ones.
Some people's sorrows are strong, and some people's roads are far
Some whenever their tear dries, another tear comes ..
On the peak of our sadness and sorrows, we let each other down
and this is our story, and this our tale .. and this is our life
.. Me and you!!


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