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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Random thoughts

Its intresting how when you are away from the news and the world around you, you feel as if everything is alright .. all the wars and the problems that are in the world have ended!

I was in the village last two days, and since we dont have a tv in our house there.. I did not hear about whats going around and I forgot even for a little while whats happening in Lebenon and Palastine.

I was sitting with my husband's grandma there, and there was a newspaper with a pic showing a city in lebenon being bombed. So I told her, look at this picture there is a war in lebenon. She started asking and then all of a sudden started crying thinking about the kids and the mothers being killed. She started praying for them to be safe and end this fast. Amen to that!

I guess many times, ignorance is a bliss!!

I needed this visit, I guess I am less emoitional now .. Tommorow is first day at work .. I want more holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays


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