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Saturday, July 15, 2006

May Allah give them Victory

(Allah Akbbar, Allah is the greatest)

I am trying to comprehend whats happening, and what Israel is doing but I cant. Its just too much, its so brutal.

I made a promise to myself some time back not to talk about politics because its just so disgusting. You never can make up whats true and whats just a lie especially with the media thats existed today. But my Muslim and Arabic blood has been really boiling since yesterday. I cant watch tv and not react. Its just wrong what Israel is doing.
The logic they have, HezbAllah took two soldiers so we would take the whole of lebenon ? Is it just crazy or I dont understand the current logic anymore?
or its that any Israeli Zinoist blood is much more important than any Arab Blood? they could die, the world doesnt need them .. but oh god forbid, an Israli cant be killed .. the world should go upside down!!

Because I dont understand this logic, and because I realise that the time to use logic and diplomatic has gone. and because its enough how much we have bowed our heads down and they continue to kill and destory, I give my full support to HezboAllah. I just pray they know what they are doing and they would show Israel a lesson it wont forget. May Allah give them victory... Ameen!


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