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Friday, May 26, 2006

Thoughts from Memories of an Arabian Princess!

I have been reading a book recenetly called (Memories of an Arabian Princess). Its the story of Sayida Salma bint Said (later Known as Emily Ruete) Daughter of the Sultan who ruled both Oman and Zanzibar. Its a really interesting book, and gives you a good view on the history back then. What I like about the book is that she comparies every now and then between East and west (which she refers as North and South) .. Its intresting that she lived both lives yet at the end of her life she longed back to her origion and wanted to go back.
Few of the thoughts that I found intresting are:

In terms of Education, she says that there is a big gap between what was taught in the west and what was taught in the east. In the West, they used to focus on teaching people geography, physics, chemistry ..etc and a little attention was given to the spiritual side. However, she says she was hurt more by people of knowledge than ignorant people and she never understod how a person who is education can use this education negatively

I think I agree with the writer to some extent, being educated doesnt always means that you are being a better a person. Being spiritually educated and beleiving that there is always consequences of all actions you do is what makes you a better person.

She is surprised how can educated women in the west be slaves to fashion and its changes mood when they have alot to do in thier lives. She would beleive it if it was for the women back in the east would do that since they dont have much to do, but to see it in the west was puzzling her.

Well what I can say is that women are always women! being the center of attention is something we all seek too. Ofcourse we differ in the degree and the method we do it but we all want to be pretty and well dressed up :)

Here is a piucture of her:

Sayida Salma in Zanzibar

To read more about her, check what Arabian Prince wrote!


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