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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Being away is so hard!!

Yes guys and girls, I miss you all .. I have been forced to stay away from the net and it was HARD!! I think I even forgot how to blog so plz dont be hard on me in the first few posts :p

so what I have been up to? well its mostly to do with work .. we are almost done with this big project we working on and that is supposdly going to change the atmosphere in our department. We are implementing a systemtic way to do our processes and so far I am glad to say we are almost done. I just cant wait till people start using it and see the result of our work :)

Aside from that nothing is major happening .. except that the days are moving fast I cant beleive we are in MAY!!

Ok this is just a short update so you guys wouldnt come running after me with a broom!! :p


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