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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Whining Session

I am seriously suffering form writer's block, I've intending to update this blog for a week now but every time I find the time, open the new post screen .. jot some words and then realise i cant experss what I really want to say so I delete it.

I know that the main reason is that I have little time in my hand. Seriously, I am exhausted from all the weddings and family gatherings that I have been attending all along March. Last thursday I was invited to 3 weddings at the same time. I had to choose who to go to and who to and I ended up missing my dearest friend wedding :(
I really really missing staying all day at home with nothing to do! but what? I am dreaming? Yah coz I have piles of clothes to wash and iron and rooms to clean.
I already want to retire and stay at home :p

ok enough whining.. and enough complaining .. and I know some of you would say again this is not an update but Mo asawi! (what to do!!) .. I dont think you will get to see some quality post from me until everything cools down :)

ok, got to run get ready and go to visit family :(


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