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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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ـــ هل أنت راض عن مدونتك شكلاً وموضوعاً؟
Are you happy with your blog, the template and what you write?

Not at all, I was not intending for this blog to get personal .. but being me, I cant not express what I feel .. so from time to another a personal post would slip. Plus, I wish if I can practice more writing through this blog, but I am taking the easy route out :p

ـــ هل تعلم أسرتك الصغيرة بأمر مدونتك؟
Does your family know about your blog?

My bros and sisters know, but they are not intrested and they dont read. My dad once saw me posting in my blog and he was amazed I have a site of my own (he doesnt know its stolen) but he doesnt know the link.

ـــ هل تجد حرجاً فى أن تُخبر صديقاً عن مدونتك؟ هل تعتبرها أمرا خاصا بك؟
Are you embarassed to tell a friend about your blog? or do you consider it something personal?

I am not embarassed, and I would love it if my friends are intrested on blogs and internet .. but most of my offline friends are not.

ـــ هل تسببت المدونات بتغيير إيجابي لأفكارك؟ أعطني مثال فى حالة الإجابة بــ نعم
Did blogs brought a postive impact on your thoughts? If the answer is yes, give examples.

Well it opened my eyes to the world more.. an example is the recent lebenon war. I read blogs of different people and thier thoughts on the war. Without blogs, I would be only watching tv which doesnt always say what people really think.

ـــ هل تكتفي بفتح صفحات من يعقبون بردود فى مدونتك أم تسعى لاكتشاف المزيد؟
Do you only visit blogs that visit you or do you explore other blog?

I like to explore .. when I see a good reply in one of the blogs I already visit, I would go check it out .. and usually it turns out as a good blog.

ـــ ماذا يعنى لك عداد الزوار... هل تهتم بوضعه فى مدونتك؟
What the does visitor count mean to you? and do you think its important to put it?

Well I am more intrested on who is online, and the satatistics on visitors. It just intresting to know how many people out there are intrested.

ـــ هل حاولت تخيل شكل أصدقائك المدونين؟ اعترف
Do you try t0 picture your friends in blogs?

Ofourse, I cant communicate with a person (whatever the way is) without picturing them.

ـــ هل ترى فائدة حقيقية للتدوين؟
Do you see a real benefit from blogging?

On a personal level, I think it helps me experess myself .. I am a person who cant live without expressing myself in writing ..

On a general level, it makes you see how real people are .. you see people from different country being who they are .. the freedom they have in bloging makes them more relaxed to express what they thing and how they think.

ـــ هل تشعر أن مجتمع المدونين مجتمع منفصل عن العالم المحيط بك أم متفاعل مع الأحداث؟
Do you thing that the blogging society is an isolated society or it reflects whats happening around us?

I think its not isolated at all .. yes we are isolated from the communicating in real life, but I think what makes you beleive they interact with thier enviroment is that express world news. How many people blogged about lebenon? if it was isolated we would only find lebenese blogging about it!

ـــ هل يزعجك وجود نقد بمدونتك ؟ أم تشعر انه ظاهرة صحية؟
Are you bothered with criticisim? or you feel its healthy?

I love criticism if it was objective .. Discuss idea not people who write it.

ـــ هل تخاف من بعض المدونات السياسية وتتحاشاها؟
Are you scared of Political Blogs?

Not really, but I realised I dont know enough about politics to discuss it .. so I try to be away ,..

ـــ هل صدمك اعتقال بعض المدونين؟
Were you shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?

Not really, I think bloggers are like anyone else .. you should know your limits and the way to discuss things .. if you discuss them with the wrong attitude, you will get arrested .. if you start insulting this and that you will get arrested!

ـــ هل فكرت فى مصير مدونتك حال وفاتك؟
Did you think of what will happen to this blog when you die?

I asked a friend to annouce my death in the blog .. so yah I did think about it :)

ـــ آخر سؤال : تحب تسمع أغنية إيه- بلاش صيغة آمال فهمي دى - ما الأغنية التي تحب وضع اللينك الخاص بها في مدونتك؟
Whats the song you would like to link it to this blog?

I linked once Soutun lilnahdha ..its a song about Oman .. but I think the song that will fit this blog would "majmo3at insan - collection of a human being"

ــ اكتب أسماء خمسة مدونين ليقوموا بهذا الاستقصاء بعدك
Who would you like to pass it to?

Qatar Cat
Jeff (since sama wrote hers in arabic ;) )


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