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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well, I was asked by my friends to write a post about brunie (actually it was Malaysia, but well they are just their next door neighbors ;) ) .. I've been thinking since morning what should I write about Brunei?! How can I write a place where I ended my adolescent and entered my adulthood in one post? How can I explain why I love brunei .. When what I love is not the place, and the buildings, but mostly my memories that are lying there!

So what is Brunei? ofcourse you guys must know its the other Sultanate (Oman and Brunei are the only two). Its a small country in Borneo next to Malaysia and Philippines.

Why I went there? Well Luck .. or actually I did not study well to get a scholarship to UK ;)

How is Brunei? Well its a small country .. the time I was there it wasn't really busy and or full exciting things to do.. we were bored lots of the time (mostly because we didn't have a reliable means of transportation) but it lead us to spend most of our time together with our friends .. this lead me to miss and love brunei even more because its where I last saw my friends !

Brunians are quite and a bit reserved .. we had a bit of trouble at first getting close to them, but by time I managed to make good friends ! we are still in contact and last time I visited I met one

So what do you really want to know about brunei? like I said there are lots to talk about .. just ask and I'd answer ;)

and here is my faculty:

The whole University:

(don't be happy about those bushes around, the have snakes in them .. I've seen one!! )

Water Village from /


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