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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I hate Goodbyes!!!!

Yes I hate them very much! And it has been following me for a while now ..

First, it was goodbyes to my family and my life in Oman when I had to travel for studies .. It was very hard especially the first year .. I remmber clearly that after the end of first year's summer I was really dragging myself to leave .. I was very depressed then.. Especially at the year I had to say goodbye to my dear Singaporean friend .. She was our support then ..

Then when I started having fun, and enjoying my time there .. The four years passed quickly and I had to say goodbye again.. This time a bigger goodbye since I had to leave all my memories behind .. My friends who I would never forget, and every little memory that lies here and there .. From the road I take to uni .. To the small cafeteria that I have my afternoon tea in with all my friends .. and yah to the Malaysian bookshop owner who thought me and my husband were brothers and sisters :)

I hated good bye even more!!

Then I started working, and I thought .. Ok now the goodbyes would be less .. I would not be attached to people much and if they had to leave I will not feel it .. but its happened again ..Today, I had to say goodbye to a colleague who worked with us for around a year and half .. and I mean really worked with us .. we went through lots of discussions, stressful times and hard work. I really feel that he will be missed around ..

The problem with goodbyes is people always say they will keep contact ..but then they don't .. they would write every other while .. something I don't like .. I like to feel that I can count as my friend as a friend .. when I miss them, I don't feel awkward to call them up and say that I miss them .. but it doesn't always happen .. Oh well :(

so, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate goodbyes :(


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