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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


My cousin just came back from Brunei, and being a Brunian at heart, I asked him and his wife if they enjoyed and not surprisingly they said they didnt. "it has nothing, no malls" my cousin's wife answered.

It got me thinking how malls became a necesseity to make a place an attraction to tourists. I guess its the fact that a mall has everything to have a good day out : Shopping, entertainment & food.

But this idea wasnt here few years, I remmber clearly when Al-Araimi opened, and we were thinking .. wow this is going to be one big shopping center. Now, Al-Araimi seems small compared to city center and Bahja and I think the reason its built is completly different. Being a shoping center is so different than a mall.

What I am trying to say is, Mall became something we enjoy going to even if our intention is not shopping. It became an attraction. Now, we think of a country by the number of malls it has!!

"I hope I am making sense, I am just bored and thought of making a new post"


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