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Friday, January 27, 2006

Salut to Saudi Arabia

I was really empressed with Saudi's Reaction to the Cartoon in Denemark about Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). I am not aginst freedom of speach, but I dont think that you should use that freedom to offend and hurt other people's feelings. If they chose to cartoon about the 9/11 bombers, terrorists or anything else thats thier choice, but cartooning about Prophet Mohammed thats a line that they should never cross.

I've got several messages to boycott Denish goods. Fourtountly, I never use them but at the same time I am torn between wether this boycott is the right decision or not. Logicly speaking, those companies did not interfere in this case. But at the same time, this could push the danish government to take action aginst the newspaper!

However, I support the Saudi's reaction to it. They used dimplomatic ways to tell the government that what that newspaper did cannot tolerated by muslims.

Its such a shame, muslims never targetted Denemark I dont understand why they are trying to move the still waters!!


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