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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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7 things to do before I die:

1- Go to Hajj
2- Write a book
3- meet HM Sultan Qaboos
4- Do something that would make people remmber me, and pray for me ..
5- Do Sadaqa Jariya (its a donation that would last a live time and you get the reward for it as long as people are benefiting from it)
6- Have kids
7- Travel the world.

7 things I can't do:

1- Break rules (I feel guilty so easily)
2- Criticise (I am bad at it, and I hate that!)
3- Loose weight
4- Stop thinking
5- be away from the net.
6- eat everything, I am very picky
7- finish this list :)

7 things I always say:
1- Inshallah (by gods will, I say it continiously)
2- Alsalam Alykom ( peace be one you)
3- MashaAlla (Glory be to Allah)
4- Ya3ni (it means, I say it even when I speak english)
6- Well

7 books I have loved:
1- Dairies of an Arabian Princess (Omani Princess Salma bint Said who was in Zanzibar and ran away with a German Soldier. Lovely book describes the life in Zanzibar on those days)

2- Tell me why (and the series, it was very informative)

3- Shubuhat 7awl Al-Islam, Misconceptions about Islam

4- Shaqat Al-Huriya ( Freedom Apartment, Novel by Ghazi Al-Qusaibi)

5- Recently, Banat Al-Riyadh

6- Juro7 Al-Thakira (Memories wound, novel by Turky Al-Hamed)

7- Ree7 Iljana (Heaven's wind, novel by Turky Al-Hamed)

7 movies I love to watch over and over:
1- Ever After
2- Sound of Music
Cant think of other's sorry :(

7 things I get attracted to:
1- New Phones
2- Abbayas (Black Robe women wear, I love to see the new styles)
3- Choclates
4- Oman!
5- The song playing in the background of this blog!
6- Laban (Youghurt Drink)
7- Arabic Poems

7 people I want to tag:
1- Namika
2- Jeff (you can answer it in a comment here :) )
3- Raed
4- Farah (if she read this)
5- Noor
6- Amo
7 - who reads my blog :)


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