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Friday, February 03, 2006

Banat Al-Riyadh (Riyadh girls)

I read this novel during the weekend, and it was one of those novels that you couldnt wait to finish it. I stayed up till 2 pm at night to finish almost half of it that night.
Finished the rest next morning. I really enjoyed it. To read my review please visit: (Arabic).

Anyway, because I loved it, I like to read what others thought of it. So went to this Arabic Omani forum where I heared from cousin that they discussed the story and to my horror the reviews were shocking.

All or lets say most of the reviews were aginst what the girls did in the story and accusing the writer of many things. This one thing that I hate about our readers!! if they dont like what you write, they would start accusing you of things you didnt even imagine.
Other things, why do we always like to link the story to the writer!! I mean why do people love to say, the writer must have been one of the girls!!
She is a writer, she saw things from a view and wanted to present it. Wether she lived the story or not is non of our business. Its our business to comment on the novel, if we loved it and what we think she should improve on!!

Its a story that might happen, might not. It has lots of sad parts and happy parts. The ending was good not closed and not open (I hate open endings).

I agree lots of publicity was done on the book because it talks about a conservative society. Maybe as much as publicty were a reason to make the book famous, it would also harm the writer and make her mor caution with her coming novels, I hope not!!

Way to go Rajaa Al Sanee. All the best.


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